Cedar Falls

The corporate offices of Weicks Co. are located in this 6,000 square foot building on the main family acreage in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The building consists of 3,000 square feet of office space. There are 12 private offices, a conference room, lobby and 2 restrooms. A 3,000 square foot heated warehouse comprises the rest of the building. The warehouse has 2 overhead doors: one is 14’ tall by 16’ wide and the other is 10’ tall by 8’ wide. Built in 2021, the space boasts heated floors, 10 foot ceilings, and large windows throughout. 

Weicks Real Estate Holdings Logo

Companies that operate under the umbrella of Weicks Co. and run out of this location include, Weicks Media, Weicks Real Estate Holdings, DaaBIN Store Inc., and Wolfpack Racing. All of the corporate employees report to work at this location and offices are divided among the various companies. 

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